Top 10 tips for Landlord Insurance

Keep your property occupied or cover it appropriately

Obviously keeping tenants within your house is pivotal to being a successful landlord, when you’re paying for a mortgage for an empty house you’re not going to last long in the property game. Though what many landlords neglect to do during periods of vacancy is gain unoccupied property insurance. Unoccupied property insurance protects landlords against theft, fire or damage during times when the house is not being let out. You can read this great article to learn more about unoccupied property insurance.

Invest in security for lower landlord insurance premiums

Landlord insurance providers will take into account a variety of factors when calculating your landlord insurance quote, though one of the main areas that could cause you unexpectedly high prices is security. If the property is deemed to be in a dangerous area, it’s at a higher risk and therefore insurance will cost you more. You can reduce this by protecting your property. Insurance companies will look favourably on things such as CCTV and other security methods so they could be worth investing in. Remember; the more secure your property, the lower your landlord insurance premium.


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