Inside the Japanese bar where you are served by a Macaque waiter

The Kayabukiya Tavern looks like any other traditional-style Japanese ‘sake-house’ restaurant.

However, once you walk into the modest premises in Utsunomiya, Tochigi prefecture it quickly becomes apparent that human waiters have been replaced by Macaque monkeys.

Seventeen-year-old Fuku-chan was ushered into the role after she delivered a napkin to a table unprompted, mimicking Yat-chan, the original Macaque waiter.


Restaurant owner, Kaoru Otsuka, then decided to pair her with Yat-chan.

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People come from all four corners of the world to be served by the simian and now video footage has caught her in action, showing a typical day at work.

Viewers can see Fuku-chan, dressed in a chequered waiter’s shirt and skirt, bringing guests a beer and fetching napkins for diners.


But the veteran waitress is prone to mistakes, she was captured spilling a bowl full of peas as she runs to a table.

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If Fuku-chan and her younger companions do a good job patrons of the restaurant are encouraged to leave a tip of soya beans while their owner feeds them bananas as payment.

Otsuka, who sort the monkeys after seeing them in their natural habitat of the Nikkō mountains, said: ‘They are closer than my family. I hold them all day and sleep with them. Once I started taking care of them I couldn’t let go.

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‘They are just way too cute.’

Monkeys have been working at the bar for some 29 years, reports 28 Lab.


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