BREAKING: Lou Dobbs Exposes Obama’s CRIMES On National TV. Show Your Support

It is refreshing to witness true journalism in action instead of the propaganda spewed by the liberal mainstream media.

More evidence has emerged vindicating President Trump’s accusation that the Obama administration spied on him. However, as Lou Dobbs reveals, the mainstream media are covering up Obama’s crimes. Dobbs said, “The evening news broadcasts on ABC and NBC didn’t cover the unmasking story at all last night.”


The unmasking story is possibly the biggest scandal to hit Washington in years, yet the liberal media are refusing to cover it.

Susan Rice, Obama’s former national security adviser, has been caught red-handed. She personally ordered the unmasking of President Trump and members of his campaign in the last months of the Obama administration.

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Shortly after Rice unmasked the names of private U.S. persons, their identities were leaked to the press. While it is unclear whether the unmasking was illegal, it was certainly highly unethical. It is a felony punishable by up to ten years in prison to leak classified information, even to the press.

If the unmasking was politically motivated, it was a criminal act. The national security adviser is a political position — it does not have any powers in intelligence gathering or investigation. It is highly suspect that a political operative would consider the unmasking of a U.S. person relevant when the agent who originally collected the information did not.

Ultimately, this is the smoking gun of evidence that proves President Trump right. The Obama administration spied on Trump during the transition between administrations.

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However, the mainstream news will not cover the unprecedented scandal. As Dobbs stated, ABC and NBC did not mention the unmasking at all, and CBS covered it for less than a minute. CNN, as usual, was the worst offender. CNN host Don Lemon refused to even report on the story, claiming it was an insult to his audience’s intelligence, via The Angry Patriot.

The reality is that Lemon insulted his audience by acting as a gatekeeper to information. Any reasonable journalist would report on the facts in an unbiased manner and let their audience decide for themselves what they thought of the story.

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However, CNN is not reasonable — it is propaganda. If this scandal featured a Republican administration spying on a Democrat president-elect, they would be all over this story. They appear to be political motivated, and they are desperately trying to cover up for former President Obama.

The walls are starting to crumble around Barack Obama, and the liberal media are only destroying what is left of their credibility in their attempt to protect him.

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