BREAKING: Elizabeth Warren Caught in Shameful Plot Against Trump

In case you didn’t know, millions of Democrats want to draft Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren as their next presidential candidate. However, recent actions of hers may put that motion in jeopardy.

On Twitter, Warren, a trained legal scholar, wrote “…if a SCOTUS nominee isn’t mainstream enough for 60 votes, he/she shouldn’t be confirmed.” In other words, Warren revealed her stop-Gorsuch-at-any-costs campaign on social media, via The Hill.

After Gorsuch’s confirmation, the loony Warren vowed to “keep fighting.”

The tone deaf Dems are not only utilizing the stonewalling tactics they accused Republicans of using throughout Obama’s two terms, but they’re even planning to maintain this posture throughout President Trump’s first term.

In the same Twitter post, Warren accuses Neil Gorsuch, the recently confirmed replacement for the late Chief Justice Antonin Scalia, of being a “right-wing, corporate-owned judge.”

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Ironically, back in 2012, the hypocrite Warren stumped for ending the filibuster option when it came to Obama’s Supreme Court picks.

To many on the right, Warren is best known as “Pocahontas.” This nickname was given to her by Trump during the 2016 campaign. It’s a jab at Warren’s cynical attempts to gain minority brownie points by claiming she’s part Cherokee. She’s been doing it since college.

The lie, which became a huge factor during her 2012 Massachusetts Senate race against Scott Brown, continues to haunt her, via The Washington Post. The case of “Pocahontas” not only reveals the absurdity of America’s racial Olympics, but also highlights Warren’s aversion to truth.

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Despite her populist rhetoric about evil bankers and Wall Street “fat cats,” Warren is a millionaire worth between $3 and $10 million dollars, via CNN Money.

While other college professors live in modest homes or cramped apartments, Senator Warren owns a million dollar Cambridge residence.

Rather than teaching or publishing books, Warren makes the bulk of her money through stocks and bonds. In other words, she benefits from the same Wall Street capitalism that she criticizes.

Warren’s inconsistency and rhetoric are perfect examples of everything that’s wrong with the Democratic Party. Once a bastion of working-class Americans, the party is now nothing more than a coalition of welfare leeches and ultra-rich liberals sheltered in coastal cities like Boston, New York, and San Francisco.

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Warren’s status as a potential presidential nominee underscores how little liberals have taken away from the 2016 election. The Russians didn’t sway American voters — Hillary Clinton being a terrible nominee did that.

Warren, along with other potential nominee Chelsea Clinton, are surefire guarantees for continued Republican success.

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